Who wants a cake that the owner feels compelled not to make?

May 19, 2015 | by: Jason Shiels | 0 Comments

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So what can of worms has this cake situation opened up? 

So, must a Jewish or Muslim butcher now serve pork because it could be claimed to be a 'right' and would undermine the 'equality' and rights of someone who wants them to serve it even though it's against their conscience? Should a Christian baker next have to bake a cake with the sign of satan on it or a person who believes fundamentally in the sanctity of life be forced to print T shirts promoting euthanasia? Where will this end? Or is society like Pilate sneeringly and disparagingly determining for us "What is truth?" 

why can't deeply held faith views, as held by the Ashers co, not be respected as part of a truly tolerant society, and the law amended to give recognition for deeply held matters of conscience...there are more than enough bakers who would bake the gay cake, so why not respect the few bakers who respectfully decline the business? 

where is the equality here?

why insist on having a product that offends the service provider? Wouldn't equality consider the rights of the service provider too, in a limited measure on matters of deep conscience?


My my last thought/question...what would Jesus do!? How would he render unto Caesar what was Caesars and unto God what is God's?


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